Our story is short and sweet.

It began in 2008 when we launched engineeringwithlight.com, our online shop for high quality and beautifully engineered outdoor and garden lighting.

It went so well that in 2013 we felt encouraged to set up a second online shop to showcase a rapidly growing portfolio of luxury and designer indoor lights. It was named stylingwithlight.co.uk and went pretty well, too.

Then, in March 2016, we brought the two shops together in a happy marriage (the sweet bit) called Peter Reid Lighting.

Our business model is simple. It’s to offer high quality luxury interior and outdoor lighting with enduring appeal, from brands you can trust, all backed by attentive personal service.

One defining characteristic is how we're as serious about outdoor lighting as indoor lighting.

Another is our enthusiasm for all design styles: contemporary, traditional, classic, retro. Every interior and exterior space makes its own demands and we try to satisfy those demands as best we can.

Finally, we're neither a trade nor a retail online shop. We're both. All are welcome.